Updates! Updates!

Autumn is already here and it’s time to go back to your business. There are two new templates at luvpoint.com for your consideration: one dark and one light (for the harmony :-)). Please, find the links below.

SoulMate & OpenHearts

We always said that all our dating templates for vldPersonals are compatible and tested with the Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 6 is getting too old; it does not support the latest web standards and technologies, it is buggy and it’s not actually secure to use it.
We decided to discontinue supporting this browser. This means all new templates from this moment on will not be tested in IE6.

Encourage your members to use modern browsers, like Firefox, Chrome, IE9, Safari, Opera, because these browsers can deliver a way better user experience. And it’s not just about design, but about functionality, usability, safety as well. Plus, it’s about your business, of course.

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