Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Q. What is vldPersonals/DatingScript?
A. vldPersonals is a powerful automated online dating and social networking software solution. It enables you to create a fully functioning and captivating dating or social website, with many of the advanced features found on other major sites. DatingScript is the modern version of vldPersonals. it is modern from code perspective as well as speed, security, stability and so on. It also supports responsive dating or social templates.
Find out more about vldPersonals
Find out more about DatingScript
Q. What is a vldPersonals/DatingScript Template?
A. It is a ready-to-use design for your dating/social vldPersonals or DatingScript powered website. vldPersonals/DatingScript lets you control all the functions of your website, and our templates support all functionality, plus they provide a better visual experience for your members or guests.
Q. What do I need to use your templates?
A. All you need is a vldPersonals or DatingScript installation (depending on the software you decided to go with). Make sure that your installation works well with vldPersonals'/DatingScript' default template. Our templates work exactly the same as default templates, thus there are no special requirements.
Q. Do you make custom templates?
A. Unfortunately, we do not offer customization services at the moment.
Q. Do you make mods for vldPersonals?
A. No, we don't.
Orders and Downloads
Q. I use an old version of vldPersonals/DatingScript. Will your template support it?
A. Your vldPersonals/DatingScript version should match a template version. Some of our templates have up to two older versions, as well.
Q. When I make a purchase, is it a one time payment?
A. Yes, it is. We do not offer any subscription services.
Q. Do you accept any payment method other than PayPal?
A. It is recommended to use PayPal, as you will be able to download your template immediately.
Q. What happens after I make a purchase?
A. You will be able to access the download area right after you've made a purchase. You will also receive a message to the e-mail address you provided during the checkout process. It contains your download details for future reference, so, keep it in a safe place. Also, make sure you're using a correct e-mail address for your purchase.
Q. I haven't got a message from you after my purchase.
A. First of all, please, check your SPAM folder. If you still haven't received a message in 24 hours, please, contact us and we'll send you download details. Please, provide alternative e-mail address for delivery.
Q. I lost my download details.
A. Please, contact us, providing your name and e-mail and approximate date of your purchase. Your download details will be sent to you in 24 hours.
Q. New version of DatingScript is out. When will I get the updated version of my template?
A. It usually takes about 7-10 days to update all templates. Updates will be posted in the blog section. You may download updated templates using your existing download details.
Q. Are those updates free?
A. Absolutely free.
Installation and Usage
Q. Any special requirements?
A. In order to use our templates you need to have vldPersonals/DatingScript installed. Find out more about its features, prices & requirements at or Our templates work with this software only. That is the only requirement.
Q. What do I get in the downloaded package?
A. You will see three folders: Documentation, Photoshop Files and Template files. So the template comes with documentation and PSD files which you can use for future customization.
Q. How to install a vldPersonals template?
A. Go to "Template Files" folder - go to the folder with your vldPersonals version (2.5.7 for example) - find your template folder inside this one. Upload "templatename" folder into the "templates" folder on your server. Important: Using your FTP program, set the following folder' permissions to 777 - templatename/tmp. Now you can login to your vldPersonals Control Panel and go to Settings -> Templates. Install template. Then you may activate it by going to Settings and choosing "Look and Feel" in the dropdown menu.
Q. How to install a DatingScript template?
A. Go to "Template Files" folder - go to the folder with your DatingScript version (1.2.5 for example) - find your template folder inside this one. Upload "templatename" folder into the "templates" folder on your server. Now you can login to your DatingScript Control Panel and go to System -> Presentation -> Templates(on blue bar). Install the template. Click red "NO" label to make it a default template. Then go to Settings right next to that label and feel free to edit template options there.
Q. May I install the same template on two, three, or four websites?
A. You may only if you own the website(s) in question. If you're a developer and you don't own these websites, you have to buy this template for each separate project.
Q. I have problems. What should I do?
A. Please, read the documentation file. Make sure you have correct permissions set. If you still have problems, please, contact us.
Q. vldpersonals Template Compile Error: Could not write compiled file.
A. Please, make sure you did change permissions of "tmp" folder inside your template to 777.
Q. I see {ext_page_content} and {ext_page_name} on the homepage.
A. Please, make sure you have read documentation files and created all custom pages as described.
Q. I use a language other than English and have some issues.
A. Please, make sure that your language files "includes/languages" are well translated. If you still have issues, please, contact us, with details.
Q. I think I have a bug for you.
A. Please, contact us and explain the issue.
Additional information
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